New Open Yoga Class Announcement:

My open Slow Flow Yoga with Mindfulness classes on Wednesdays from 1.45-3pm at YogaLife in Wilmslow (near Total Fitness). Classes are £7.50 - are currently ON HOLD due to COVID-19 pandemic. Watch this space to when we hope to be able to resume them, or click the button for more details.

Why Yoga?


Yoga is an ancient practice, originally relating to the word 'union' or 'yoke'. When yoga is taught in a conscious, mindful manner, it allows us to fully focus on what is happening in the body at that moment,  to be fully present, and this training gradually allows the mind to settle and the body to open and strengthen. Practicing meeting our physical experience without judgment allows us to be more fully aware of our wholeness, to be more accepting of ourselves, and to find ways of accessing a sense of calm and stillness that can transform our lives off the mat as well as on it. And you certainly do not need to be able to touch your toes to do yoga - saying that you are not flexible enough for yoga is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath! 

I have practiced yoga for over 20 years, including hatha, vinyasa, iyengar, ashtanga, dru and kundalini styles. I have trained with YogaLifeUK to teach hatha vinyasa yoga in the styles of restorative, slow flow, flow and power yoga. I can offer private, corporate or group sessions in these styles in or around Cheshire, and I am registered to teach with the Yoga Alliance (RYT200 hours) who are industry leaders for Western accreditation. I am fully insured to teach and have had a recent DBS (Disclosure and Barring Serivce) check in December 2019.

Private 1:1 or 1:2 yoga sessions can be offered for £40 per hour, or 1.5 hour sessions incorporating both mindfulness practices and yoga for £60. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I am also happy to offer corporate yoga sessions, either as a regular class or a one-off workshop or off-site meeting. These can incorporate both yoga and mindfulness practices to optimise workplace wellbeing and resilience. Please get in touch if you would like me to provide a formal proposal.

"The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness"

~Sakyong Mipham